What I’d Do with a Million Dollars

What would I do with a million dollars, if of course, I ever do reach that amount. Now, I’m not going to break down the percentages or throw out dollar amounts of how I’d use it. I’m just going to instead, give an idea of where it would be going.

A good amount of it definitely would be going straight into the bank, so that I can further save up. I’ve saved up my entire life, so this wouldn’t be hard, although my bank account would be multiplied significantly. I would love to start up a business, or buy one. I think the best bet with that idea would actually be investing in one of my sister’s, who definitely has the ideas, and tools to start a business. But I wouldn’t put all my marbles in this business idea basket. The one thing I’d love to do is hold some sort of charity, or auction type ordeal to raise money for Breast Cancer. Since my mother passed away from it, I’d love to try and help provide money to help those not suffer the same fate. That’s not me just saying that because almost everything I sell on Ebay, I donate 10% of it to Breast Cancer. So I’m not pulling any legs or trying for sympathy votes, it’s the truth. Although, I may not have much, it’s always a good feeling to help others. 

By Federal Government [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

I would definitely distribute some of money to my family members, that’s for sure. They have done a lot for me, and it would be a great way to pay them back. Also a fully paid off family vacation would be in order, I’m sure that would be a nice added bonus. I’m a family man, so most of what i’d do with the money would probably be centered around them. I would also treat myself to something nice because like I said, I’ve saved up my entire life. I’m not quite sure what that would be though. Definitely not a house or a car, or an expense that much. I already have a nice car, and I’m an A to B type of guy. I don’t need anything luxurious either, my intention wouldn’t be to show off. I mean there is a lot to do with that type of money, and I’d definitely savor it as long as I could. Although it’s not an extensive list of what I’d do, it’s pretty straight forward.


Million Dollar Quest Idea #4

The idea’s keep piling up, and I thought maybe putting up items on Ebay for ridiculously high prices could possibly work. Again, that just depends if the right person passes by your listing and bids/buys it. This idea is probably a shot in the dark, and very improbable but it doesn’t hurt to try. 

So, I’ve listed some Jersey I found in my closet with tags still. I never wore it, and probably never will, so I thought I’d put it up. I put it up for 1,000 to bid on, and 3,000 to buy it now. Again, it probably won’t sell, but if it somehow does, than awesome. Only time will tell though, just like every idea I’ve put out there.


Listing Link: Ebay Jersey Listing Link

Million Dollar Quest Idea #3

So, I was thinking of another Idea to attribute to my million dollar quest. I think this one can work, and I have a seperate age for it.

The idea was selling digital photo’s for $1. Now, I’m not an expert photographer, so don’t expect great photo’s. I’m only going to put up a few pictures but I’m thinking if I can get 11,000 people to buy my $1 download, I can successfully reach my first goal I have. I’ll display the photo’s below, and you can buy them by clicking on this link that will direct you to my page: Digital Photo’s $1

Anyways here are a few photo’s:

FlowerFlower 2Flower3Flower4

Goal #1

By Vincenzo Iaconianni (Fotoguru.it) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons

Although I set my goals above the norm, I do it because it makes you work twice as hard for something. That is why I intend to keep this blog going for a long time with the hope of achieving my goal. Nothing is easy in this world, and I found that out the hard way like I mentioned in my gambling post. I had reached a peak of money, something that I never thought was possible. But, I regret that peak because I let greed get the better of me. It was similar to that of Golem and the ring from Lord of The Rings. But, I learned my lesson, and I will never let something like that happen to me ever again. Of course I want money, but I’m a different person than most. I wouldn’t use a million dollars to buy a car, or a house, etc… I’d love to start up a business helping out people, and I know i’d be good at it. I am currently in college to be a social worker, so I’m be ready to make a difference. I’d also not only put most of the money away in the bank, but I’d love to treat my family. Perhaps, a vacation to repay them for all the good times they have provided me. It be nice to have that kind of money, and I’m hoping that this blog will one day be a success, and I can inspire others to believe that they can achieve the impossible. 

My First Goal: To earn 11,000 within a four months. That will pay for my tuition, which would be wonderful. I love the college I’m going to but it’s a lot of money, especially in this economic climate. A semester’s worth covered, would probably be life changing. I’m going to have to figure out more idea’s soon on how to achieve this mark, but I already got my eyes set on doing it. 

Million Dollar Quest Idea #2

Well my first idea is already out there, and so far no luck. But, that’s alright because everything takes time, just like getting views on this blog.


My second idea is to make a T-Shirt with the possibility of making more if my first design is even worthwhile to people. Now I’ve already made the design, and it’s a rather simple one. It’s also something humorous, In which I like to do. I actually really enjoy it, but I’m not the one whom buys it. Anyways, you can see the design above, as well as use the RSS links on the sidebar or click the below widget to get to my store. The shirt is $25, a little more than I expected, and I’d only make $5 dollars per shirt. I’d rather sell it for way cheaper, and will be looking at other options in the future.  

Million Dollar Quest Idea #1

My quest for a million dollars begins hours before 2013 begins, a year in which I hope to get things going with this blog. My first idea, is a very simple one, and I do not have high expectations for it. But, if it does generate money towards my goal, than it helps no matter what.

By BazzaDaRambler [CC-BY-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons

I added a donation button that will appear on the sidebar to the right, and also it is located on the page: Support My Quest

Do not feel obligated to donate, or anything. This is just simply my first idea, in my quest to reach my goal.