Why I’m Starting a Blog

As I start this blog, I wonder what I can accomplish. Will my writings go unseen, as if I was writing a personal journal, or will I capture the hearts of some readers. I’m hoping the second part of that because most of what I’ll talk about will be relatable to many people, and I’d love to hear various voices on matters.

My title of this first post says “Why I’m Starting a Blog”, and I’ll answer that now. I’m starting a blog with the intention of connecting with other people. Life is such a treasure, and I feel obligated to tell my stories, and possibly hear yours. Now my other intention as the name of my blog is “lifeandamilliondollars”, is to actually earn a million dollars. Yes, I know that might be an unimaginable thing to accomplish, but I’m going to try, and my perseverance will not be under utilized. Obviously this task will be tough to accomplish, but I’m going to think of ideas, and follow through with them to reach my goal. Now, In my lifetime I do not expect to see that money, which is why I think with the help of others, I can reach that goal. I want to tear down that barrier and make the word impossible disappear. It’s going to certainly be a quest, and I hope to have some people on the ride. I’ll be sure to give back with my posts, and who knows if this really works, I’d consider doing something for my readers to give back per say. My dream is just taking off, and I have no intentions of backing down. This is the beginning of what I call, the quest of my life.


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