As I start my blog, this might be an odd subject to start on but I recently have gone through a gambling phase, and I’d like to share my experience.

Gambling can become extremely addicting, and when you win, you get the taste of wanting more. That’s exactly what happened to me, and it’s things like this, you wish you could travel back in time. Now my experience might not be as bad as others, but I fell trap to the same mistakes that come with it certainly. I have a niche for correctly picking sports right, and I put it to the test with the incentive of making money. I was extremely successful to start, and I’m at my best picking UFC fights usually. I invested $500 dollars, and in about 2 weeks I was up to $14,000. At that point I withdrew $2,500 dollars, and everything went smoothly. After that, it’s an honest blur as to what happened, and I lost just about all of it. I look back, and say it’s not all that bad because I made out winning money, but still. I think the the fact that I let greed take me over, made me re-evaluate not only what I was doing but myself. There is a light to this though, and that was the experience. I can say this experience taught me some lessons that further strengthened me. For one, I used to think I had great self control, but I was proved I’m not invulnerable, which also attributes to just being human. I think though, the greatest thing I learned is that there are no true winners when it comes to gambling because it changes you as a person. I used to love watching sports for the pure enjoyment of an exciting game, but I found myself sweating bullets during games, often yelling at the screen like that would help in some way.

I suggest all together though to stay away from gambling. There is a higher chance you lose than you win, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. Even these so called expert websites get most of their picks wrong, and the only money they are getting is from the consumer buying into their program/subscriptions. I certainly do not condone gambling, and I think if you do try it, only do it on select days, and do not wager a lot. It’s all about limiting yourself.


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